Expert Technology Solutions

VinteCom Technology Solutions Inc. is committed to providing full service telecom and IT solutions that are specifically designed and customized to meet every client’s needs.

“Designing and creating highly advanced technology solutions isn’t just what we do—it’s who we are.”

A diverse team of experts with 15 years of experience in the Telecom and IT industry.

VinteCom Technology Solutions Inc. was built on a foundation of excellence, integrity, and innovation. Taking on a holistic and modern approach to solving the most prevalent telecom and IT issues in the country, VTS builds comprehensive, highly customized, state-of-the-art products and services to companies big and small. We cater to telecommunication companies, internet service providers, power and transport utilities, oil and gas companies, public safety organizations, and more.

Exceptional Service

Our highly skilled team will take care of everything from start to finish and ensure that each project meets the unique requirements your system needs. We pride ourselves on our reliable service, fast response times, and high quality products.

Timely Delivery and Completion

We always commit to deadlines. Our efficient and streamlined process allows us to stick to strict project timelines, which is why our clients can expect timely delivery and completion at all times.

Reliable Communication and Information Systems

Armed with deep industry knowledge and expertise, an understanding of the current IT landscape of the Philippines, and 15 years of experience in designing and building end-to-end solutions, our goal is to improve the country’s information technology networks, communication systems, and network infrastructures with modern, cost-effective solutions.


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Successful Projects


Hardworking Teammates

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