Our Services

We provide end-to-end maintenance and full service to any existing telecom tower. Let our professional experts provide you peace of mind.

End-to-End Services

Need a new telecommunications network or IT solution designed and built from scratch? We offer an end-to-end experience that includes everything you need, from start to finish. First, we help you locate and select the site. We then perform site assessment and LOS surveys to determine the prospective site’s suitability.

Once we’ve selected the site, we then move on to engineering and designing the most appropriate and efficient system for your needs. We then select the required equipment, which we can also source and supply for you, and from there we move on to installation, testing, and integration. Along with that, we also provide full project management and coordination.

And finally, once the system is built, we provide post-installation services such as system upgrades, repair or troubleshooting, routine maintenance, and emergency support.

Custom Services

Do you have an existing microwave radio tower that needs to be serviced or updated? Whatever you need, we can deliver. If you don’t need to avail of our entire range of services, we also offer custom or à la carte services that are more suited to your needs.

Some clients will already have a network or system in place, and in those instances, they may only need upgrades or replacements for certain components, or they may require routine maintenance to ensure the continued efficiency and effectiveness of their system. Some may also require assistance with operation concerns or troubleshooting, for which we provide both onsite and offsite support.

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