Our Solutions

VinteCom Technology Solutions Inc. is committed to providing full service telecom and IT solutions that are specifically designed and customized to meet every client’s needs.

Microwave Solutions

Microwave radio systems are essential to the unfailing service reliability of telcos, power utilities, transportation, public safety organizations, and more. With a higher capacity and lower latency than satellite solutions and a lower deployment cost than fiber cables, these systems present a convenient but highly effective solution for onshore-offshore communications.

Our highly customized microwave services provide clients with one of the most cost-effective solutions for long distance data transmission with highly secure and reliable connectivity. Combining innovative technologies with our team’s high level of expertise, we provide carefully planned and expertly installed microwave systems that ensure the highest performance and durability.

Telecommunications Solutions

The telecommunications industry uses advanced technologies to provide fast and reliable telephone, cable television, and Internet services. These technologies fiber optic cable systems, which are commonly used by telcos due to their ability to offer high maximum bandwidth, transmit data over long distances, and their immunity to electromagnetic interference.

To help our clients deliver offer cutting-edge fiber optic solutions, such as passive optical network (PON) systems, that are low cost and easy to deploy.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Solutions

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) combines traditional analogue radio with a digital air interface provided by the DMR standard. These digital communications networks are a highly efficient and reliable method of communication for utility or public service operators that work in large, remote operational areas where wired network solutions are too costly to install and cellular coverage is intermittent or non-existent.

With extensive expertise and solid partnerships with high-quality equipment suppliers, we are able to deliver DMR solutions that are scalable and flexible, with features such as frequency efficiency, digital voice quality, and full duplex telephony.

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Solutions

Proper planning, reliable communication, and fast response times are critical to disaster preparedness. That is why we provide customized solutions for organizations in both the public and private sector that are specifically designed to help prevent disasters, mitigate any harmful impact, and respond quickly and efficiently with the appropriate action.

Other Services

Our team also provides other telecom and IT solutions for clients in all industries, including e-learning and signalling systems.

In addition to designing, installing, and integrating reliable, cost-effective network solutions for a variety of applications in different industries, we also source and supply the specialized equipment and materials needed to build and implement these solutions.

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